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Formulary for a New Wildness

Sat, May 31, 2014 at 1pm

at Henry Art Gallery
This event has passed.

What is wild? Where is wild? Join artist Eric Olsen and psychotherapist Nicole Wiggins for 90-minute explorations into what it means to be wild within ourselves and contemporary culture as part of Susan Robb's project, Wild Times.

Through Formulary for a New Wildness, Susan Robb invites you to join artist Eric Olson and psychotherapist Nicole Wiggins for 90-minutes of group exploration into what it means to be wild, within ourselves and within contemporary culture. Following the groups own line of discussion and prompted by messages, photos, or videos Susan sends from her journey, participants will discuss how various concepts of wildness are at play in their own lives. Eric will work with each group to create an artifact that relates to their session.

During the sessions participants will be asked to respond to a prompt or question in written form. These responses may be used to create an artifact from each session that will be displayed publicly. Additionally, aspects of the sessions may be used for future research, art projects, or written essays. While the content, process, experience, and basic demographics of the group may be used for these potential projects all personal identifying information will be left out.

Please note that this is not a therapy group to address mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, or other clinical mental health diagnoses. If the facilitators feel that a participant’s discussion topic will be destabilizing for any individual, or for the group, the facilitators will intervene and prohibit that particular line of discussion.

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Henry Art Gallery

15th Ave NE and NE 41st
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